By General Monzer El Ayoubi

Translation: Pierre A. Sarkis



​It seems that the small country has bypassed the state of political, social, and economic exhaustion, as well as, the attrition of financial, living, and health conditions, etc… reaching the stage of collapse and the decline of its entity. Now in a coma, the country is awaiting euthanasia’s bullet of mercy if available, to save it from its suffering and pain. 


​Amid an accelerated stormy purpose to “dismantle the country”, the increase in the rate of various homicides, in addition to looting, armed robberies and theft, etc… by mercenaries for-hire, demented outlaws and gangs of organized crime and drugs who had prevailed, subsided, and now reinvented themselves, have affected the life of peaceful citizens. The chatter fear from assassinations of important officials or politicians, “God protect them”, surrounded and protected by hundreds of security forces and loyalists, did not plague the eyelids of the poor, did not disturb the feelings of the silent people whose hearts have rusted years ago, nor did it feed the mouths of the hungry and starved. The matter in question does not concern all people anymore, but more than that, calls and advocacies have become more persistent to include the whole of a greater whole, from far and wide, and dawn to dusk, for misfortunes and calamities to plague these officials and politicians and descend on them. These calls and advocacies emanated from the tongues of mothers and people in agony and pain, towards all officials and politicians whether guilty and involved, or innocent (without any obligation). Distinguishing between the two has become difficult or impossible, because of the predominance of the first group and the scarcity of the second. The rational vetting and sorting depend on the performance of an independent judiciary system, whose purity is not violated by politicians, and which exposes the intractable defects, especially that it is today a much exploited system totally helpless before this wanton and promiscuous oligarchy. Therefore, if murders require stiff, harsh, and fair legal provisions, what about killing a whole people and the future of their children, the livelihood of their families, and their lifesavings deposited in the banks of humiliation and turmoil, people ask… which requires general accountability where punishment is harsher on the purifier’s guillotine in the precipice of the revolution, if the latter is successful.


​In addition, as far as the perpetuator and the victim are concerned, as well as, the partner, the instigator and the interventionist among other criminal traits, they are all in the rules of Arabic grammar proper nouns that are mutually barred from morphology, for there is no need for nunation where they are added to the formula of the multitude, in reference to the provisions of the Lebanese constitution and the simplified rules of Arabic grammar. As far as the vulgarity and lack of manners and eloquence, it is mastered by a collection of sleazy lecturers on the screens, whether independent or loyal, with conjugated names where the formation of expressions and placing dots on the i’s are linked to the relocation of their positions, whether in the text of the sentence, or in the arena of the maritime demarcation line and regional annexation, so that the country becomes a distant memory. 


​On the other hand, and in his masterpiece comedy, “A Summer Night Dream” by the great William Shakespeare, the world of genies and fairies has a stake in its characters who intertwine with the human world and manipulate human hearts. Just as the dreams of the Lebanese evoked their imagination for the perfection and beauty of the country and its important geographical location in the Middle East, their vigilance shockingly came full of nightmares. On the stage of the homeland are players who gamble intuitively, and perform roles for unexpected events, not the worst of which was the unraveling of the national currency by adding zeros to its value, causing its collapse. This is part of a regional play embedded in a larger international play, which transcends the mind or imagination of those seated in the crowded front row seats, with the illusions of the First Chair (in reference to the President of the Republic) among an arrangement of three chairs (the three being the President, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker of Parliament).


In a related context, the Exhaustion Strategy, an acronym of the 4th Generation Warfare type, aims primarily at overthrowing the enemy state or the adversary without any fighting, by destabilizing them through “progressive ruin” and instilling chaos, while securing the conditions for its prevalence and sustainability through the persistent corrosion of institutions, either because of corruption, or because of other afflictions. This strategy was practiced on Lebanon by the enemy, but also unfortunately by friends in a contrived voluntary or involuntary alliance, whether consciously or preposterously, in cooperation with a number of influential political groups seeking to maintain their positions, and who are distant from Charles Darwin’s biological theory of Natural Selection, and in disagreement with his Survival of the Fittest terminology. Herbert Spencer, on the other hand, adopted the concept of Social Darwinism in the sense that survival is for the fittest in political and social affairs (as opposed to Darwin’s biological survival). However, what is adopted and applied in Lebanon is exactly the total opposite.


In parallel, if the collapse is an alternative to chaos, the difference is clear between the magnitude of the grave impact of the big collapse and the small-scale chaos, which is limited to shouts of protest in the face of an oppressive rule. But the imminent full chaos amid political occlusion and the status quo, along with gridlocked living conditions, will cause the country to relapse towards sectarian or confessional strife in tandem with the extreme pressure of the US Dollar, vis-à-vis the Lebanese pound. Thus, there is no need for “creative chaos” to cause the situation to flare up Polish style, by a detonator, such as, the assassination of an important political party chief or a sectarian figure, which is not at this time necessary in an already explosive environment, unless plans are to immerse the region in the furnace of partition, and its huge ramifications on the highly enriched nuclear cauldron, after the return to a suspicious agreement (Iranian-US Agreement).

In conclusion, what about the anticipated government, the process of international economic and financial revitalization, the forensic financial audit, and the redemption of looted and transferred funds…? If we proceed away from the Syrian cities of Ma’arib and Deir Zor, and the divides and bridges that separate them, and we take into consideration the visit of US General, M. Mckenzie to Yarze, Lebanon (home to the Lebanese Defense Ministry) and the visit by Lebanese MP Mohammed Ra’ad (leader of the Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc- Al Wafa’a lil Moukawama) to Moscow, and the meetings that followed in the aftermath between regional parties, it seems that aside from the usual photo shoots for the photo album, both meetings delved seriously and deeply into the issues at hand. It is clear at this point that the diverse drafts holding the names of the appointees to the expected new Lebanese government have lurked in the drawers, while other drafts were leaked and handed to embassies, which allows a full nine months for the government to be formed later, with the help of an incubator. If a surgery room has been reserved with the most famous and re-known Russian and French doctors, supervised by an American professor, aided by nurses from Iran and Gulf Countries, the diverse languages, the methods of treatment, and the dose of anesthesia in the world of medicine may all lead to confrontation and contradiction, causing sudden death. Therefore, and in the hope that the governmental embryo is not born disfigured, the coming five months charged with the pain of labor, and on the safe side, the fear of failing to perform, or avoid abortion, will be a permissible prudent matter.


Beirut, 18/03/2021